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Our Team

We, the creators, are a couple from the UK. Established in September 2021, Satoshi Girls came to life through a combination of our passions!

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Samantha (Satoshi's Picasso)

Co-Founder & Artist


Samantha is the artist and co-founder behind Satoshi Girls. She has spent the past seven years learning, creating, and growing in the artistic space. Initially, Samantha was commissioning her drawings to find later where her passion lies - Digital Art, illustration, and all digital creations.
Samantha's dream has always been to make her hobby and passion of creating her career and focus. After discovering NFTs and the Web 3.0 world, she knew this was her opportunity to create something extraordinary, pursue her dreams, and build an inclusive platform where individuals can learn & support one another. Here, The Satoshi Girls were born.

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Co-Founder & Marketer


Crypto enthusiast and marketer. With over ten years in the marketing space, he has used his vast experience and expertise to help put the Satoshi Girls' name on the map and imprint our name in the Metaverse. With a network of people around him, he will continue to grow Satoshi Girls in line with the ever-shifting movement of the NFT/Crypto Space.

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Community Admin

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Community Admin

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Community Admin

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