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Satoshi’s Girls provides a fully customizable experience! In addition to purchasing from our collections, you can now create your own custom, fully personalized Satoshi Girl.

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100% Personalised

+ All Traits Included From 25%, 50% & 75% Personalised Package

  • Jewellery (Unlimited)

  • Tattoo’s (Max 5)

  • Background (Completely Custom)

  • Head-ware (Hats, Masks, Helmets ect.)

  • Hand with Custom Made Hand Accessories

  • Custom Designed Outfits (Costumes & Replica Pieces) 

  • Aura (Custom Colour)

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75% Personalised

+ All Traits Included From 25% & 50% Personalised Package

  • Tattoo's (2 Medium-Size Tattoos)

  • Hair Style/Colour (Custom Hairstyle/Colour)

  • Hand with Basic Item (Joint, Cocktail, Watch ect.)

  • Head Accessory (Sunglasses, Headband, Hairclips ect.)

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50% Personalised

+ All Traits Included From 25%

Personalised Package

  • Eye Makeup (Any Style)

  • Jewellery (2 Pieces)

  • Background Colour (Solid)

This will be the Base Package for every Custom Satoshi Girl

With the Base Personalized Satoshi Girl, we can re-create any image you have in mind or if you would like to provide a photo we can replicate that too!

  • Skin (Any Colour)

  • Hair Colour (Any Solid Colour)

  • Hair Styles (Chosen From Pre-existing Hairstyles)

  • Clothes (Basic/Pre-existing Clothing)

  • Aura (9 Colours To Choose From)

  • Eye Colour (Any Colour)

  • Lips (Any Colour)

  • Eye Makeup (Solid Colour)

  • Jewellery (1 Piece)

25% Personalised - Base Package

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Get Your Custom Today!

We got your Custom Request! Please DM us at @SatoshisGirls to confirm your order.

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